DMV Verandah Roof Designs


Verandah is a structure covered with the roof, mainly used to cover an entertainment area for protection from elements.

DMV Outdoor Solutions Adelaide offer the perfect opportunity to seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors.

At DMV each verandah has a specific design to suit the particular space and style of the client’s home.

We are able to construct your verandah from a wide range of designs, materials in a variety of colorbond colours, roof sheets profiles, shapes and styles to create an aesthetically appealing and practical valuable addition to your home.

A touch of luxury can be added to gable structures by installing LED down lights and remote controlled stainless steel fans.

The following photos show a range of verandah constructed and built by DMV OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS.

For more information please check designs and colours range.

Gable Roof Verandahs

Gable and Flat Roof Verandahs

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