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DMV OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS is a SA locally owned company specialised in designing and building modern Carports, Pergolas, Verandahs and Patios throughout Metropolitan Adelaide Suburbs at affordable prices.

DMV offers a wide range of pergola, verandah, patio, and single or double sized carport, designs, as a free-standing or attached structure in a variety of colours and roofing profiles with different style options to suit your particular situation.  We proudly associate with BlueScope Lysaght for Australian made Colorbond® Steel products that are ideal for Australian conditions and supported by a 20-year structural warranty while providing the best finishes. Beams, posts and underside roofing sheets in a high gloss finish.
DMV as a local trusted builder will complete the entire home improvement project for you, from design to engineering, council approval to construction. We build, you relax.

DMV Services: decking, paving, wall plastering, plumbing, electrical on your new pergola, carport, verandah or patio structure, and carport doors, sheds, garages… screens, weather blinds and much more…offering the best solutions for your outdoor with a touch of luxury by installing downlights and fans at the building process of new structures – hidden wires in box beams.

“Enjoy all year round outdoor living while adding value to your home and lifestyle with a wide range of home improvement products offered by DMV Outdoor Solutions

DMV Pergola - Verandah - Carport - Patio


DMV designs offer the perfect opportunity to seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors. At DMV our design philosophy has a specific plan to suit the particular space and style of the client’s home.

DMV Pergola - Verandah - Carport - Patio


DMV has a talented team with motivation to bring to our customers the highest quality materials and high standards of workmanship. We are dedicated to meet customer satisfaction

DMV Pergola - Verandah - Carport - Patio


“Bring your home to life with DMV’s wide range of designs.  Visit our Showroom to explore how we can enhance your home and lifestyle”

Why DMV Outdoor Solution?

Pergola – Verandah – Carport – Patio

What makes us different and outstanding is a testimonial to our supplier BlueScope Lysaght from our customer.

A homeowner Wayne, a resident of Trott Park in suburban Adelaide, the time had come to tear down an aging backyard eyesore. In its place? A contemporary and spacious patio built to last.
A resident of suburban Trott Park, near Adelaide since the mid-1980s, Wayne believed it was finally time for a backyard transformation. “I can only describe it as a grapevine over a very rickety pergola,” he says. “Water would come through because of course, it didn’t have a roof. We began to have water damage issues with the paving, in addition to the roof becoming impacted by the grapevine.”

When the time came to replace the 30-year-old timber pergola, Wayne was decided on two things: a quality steel product built to last, and enlisting a quality dealer to take care of the entire process. “We tried around three builders all up. The first two didn’t impress us on simple things like not returning calls or showing up on time.” The third, Mile Pavić of DMV Outdoor Solutions, a LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer, proved a winner. “He was prompt, confident and quoted well. We felt reassured” Wayne says. Here, he shares the highlights of working with your builder.


“We certainly weren’t willing to do any of the runnings around with council applications and paperwork,” Wayne says. “It was important our builder could handle this, and he did. The whole thing took around four weeks to build, and this included all the little tasks. [Mile] quoted us this time, and he stuck to what he said.”


“The ability to customise our design was never too much of a hassle with the LYSAGHT LIVING® verandah/patio” Wayne says. “We had particular requirements with replacing our old gutter with specific box gutter, and Mile took care of all of this without dramas.”


“I really liked the translucent sheeting Mile used for the [north-facing] roof gable,” he says. “It looks impressive and is a fantastic way to let the sunlight flow in from the north.”

Comparison of Pergola, Verandah, Carport & Patio


Pergola is a structure with no roof and usually, it is covered by shade-cloth mainly used to protect plants that are sensitive to sun and UV while still allowing air and water to pass through


Verandah is a structure covered with the roof, mainly used to cover an entertainment area for protection from elements


Carport Is a structure covered by a roof to protect your vehicle, boat or caravan house from elements


Patio is a paved entertainment area covered by a roof to protect people and outdoor furniture from elements

Summer Cooling Ideas

Hot summer stopping you from enjoying your pergola, verandah or patio? Why not install an external wall covering to provide some protection? This LYSAGHT LIVING verandah features outdoor blinds, that cleverly retract to stay concealed when not in use.
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